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Takanori Iwase

Takanori Iwase Japan River Crow Wood Engraving Paper:  Ganpa paper and Izumi Paper Image size: 16x13 cm, paper size: 40x30 cm (horizontal) Shortlisted 2017

Mehdi Darvishi

Mehdi Darvishi Iran The Night is Extended Mezzotint Paper size: 30x40 cm, plate size: 30x40 cm Shortlisted 2017

Kouki Tsuritani

Kouki Tsuritani Japan moonlit night Mezzotint Chine-collé 30x40cm Shortlisted 2017

Heli Kurunsaari

Heli Kurunsaari Finland Berrysoap Woodcut (one woodblock and oil colour) 30x40cm horizontal Shortlisted 2017

Hélène Bautista

Hélène Bautista France Pas Perdus Engraving on copper plate: intaglio and aquatint. Printed with oil base ink on Reina Paper 300gr 30x40cm Edition size 30 Shortlisted 2017

Cleo Wilkinson

Cleo Wilkinson Australia Then III Mezzotint Print Image size: 30x30cm, paper size: 30x40cm Edition size 40 Shortlisted 2017  

Brenda Malkinson

Brenda Malkinson Canada June Nineteenth Woodblock 40cm H x 30cm W #1/ edition of 12 Shortlisted 2017

Jaco Putker*

Jaco Putker Netherland Interior #44 Photopolymer etching Image size: 22x32 cm, paper size: 30x40 cm Edition size 3 Winner 2017

Deborah Chapman**

Deborah Chapman** Canada L'heure extrème Mezzotint Image size: 18.5x30 cm, paper size: 30x40 cm Edition size 30 Winner of the Awagami Prize 2017

Mark Graver

Mark Grave New Zeland Process II Two plate acrylic resist etching with blind embossing. Plate 1 - washed acrylic resist aquatint on aluminium etched in copper sulphate/salt. Plate 2 –…

Judith Rothchild

Judith Rotchild France Pinus Sabiniana Mezzotint Image size:  30x20cm, paper size:  40x30cm (vertical) Shortlisted 2017

Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee UK Levitated Solar etching Image size: 21x29.5cm, paper size: 30x40cm Edition size 20 Shortlisted 2017