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Daniel Géraldine**

Géraldine Daniel France Portrait Image size: 25,50 x 33 cm (paper size: 40 x 30 cm) Color photoetching printed on 6 overlayed papers   PROCESS PRIZE 2019

Linda Whitney

Linda Whitney United States Red Strawberry Moon Dancers II Image size: Plate, paper, and image are 17\" x 11\" (40 x 30 cm) (paper size: 40 x 30 cm) Mezzotint,…

Lizzie Urquhart

Lizzie Urquhart Scotland Warp Image size: 40 x 30 cm (paper size: 40 x 30 cm) Screen Print

Mia O

Mia O South Korean (living in Japan) Untitled Image size: 30 x 40 cm (paper size: 40 x 30 cm) Mokuhanga (Japanese water-based woodcut)

Yu Cai

Yu Cai China Clown and her friends Image size: 20 x 30 cm  (paper size: 30 x 40 cm)   Etching

KyeongAh Min*

KyeongAh Min* Korea Freshman Image size: 29 x 22 cm  (paper size: 40 x 30 cm) Linocut WINNER 2018

Taro Takizawa**

Taro Takizawa United States Bleeding Black Image size: 16 x 10 cm  (paper size: 17 x 11 cm) Lithograph AWAGAMI PRIZE 2018

Jonathan McFadden

Jonathan McFadden United States I Keep My Hands Behind My Back When I Look At Art Also Image size: 13 x 10 cm (paper size: 17 x 11 cm) 4…

Kalli Kalde

Kalli Kalde Estonia In the Technical Cage Image size: 27 x 37 cm (paper size: 30 x 40 cm) Algraphy, printed with intaglio press using three different plates. Shortlisted 2018

Gui Jiang

Gui Jiang China Buddha Watching·III Image size: 18 x 27 cm (paper size: 30 x 40 cm) Intaglio Shortlisted 2018

Jeremy Plunkett

Jeremy Plunkett United States Thank You Image size: 27,94 x 20,32 cm (paper size: 38 x 27,94 cm) Mezzotint Shortlisted 2018

Jaco Putker*

Jaco Putker Netherland Interior #44 Photopolymer etching Image size: 22x32 cm, paper size: 30x40 cm Edition size 3 Winner 2017

Deborah Chapman**

Deborah Chapman** Canada L'heure extrème Mezzotint Image size: 18.5x30 cm, paper size: 30x40 cm Edition size 30 Winner of the Awagami Prize 2017

Mark Graver

Mark Grave New Zeland Process II Two plate acrylic resist etching with blind embossing. Plate 1 - washed acrylic resist aquatint on aluminium etched in copper sulphate/salt. Plate 2 –…

Judith Rothchild

Judith Rotchild France Pinus Sabiniana Mezzotint Image size:  30x20cm, paper size:  40x30cm (vertical) Shortlisted 2017

Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee UK Levitated Solar etching Image size: 21x29.5cm, paper size: 30x40cm Edition size 20 Shortlisted 2017

Kumyoung Kwon

Kumyoung Kwon UK LVeD The 108 Passions No.56 Unique monoprint with silk screen 30x40 cm Shortlisted 2016

Ian Chamberlain

Ian Chamberlain UK Communication II Etching 40x30 cm Shortlisted 2016

Richard Hricko

Richard Hricko US Root I Copperplate Photogravure on Somerset Satin 30x40 cm Shortlisted 2016

Deborah Chapman

Deborah Chapman Canada Hacia el infinito Mezzotint Print 40x30 cm Shortlisted 2016


Tracy Hill UK Imperceptible lines 30x40cm It represents a current body of research which explores modern mapping technology by manipulating and reinterpreting data collected from commercial 3d scanning equipment and…


Taichi Kodama Japan Light/Color_015_01
 Silkscreen 30x40 cm Shortlisted 2015 450€  


Rajel Bronfman Israel Duo, acido sobre plata de aluminio dibujo en punta seca 30x40 cm Shortlisted 2015 800€


Nil Perujo Catalonia / Spain SI HO SAPIGUES NO HO FARIA A piece made to reach other purposes, build to advance a self-study method, built on paper where I play…
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